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If you work with an animal welfare organization of some type that has a homepage on the WWW, we want you! We're interested in adding rescue organizations, animal shelters, humane societies, and other animal welfare organizations to our ring. Individuals who think this ring is a "really neat idea" but who don't have anything to do with humane societies, rescues or other animal welfare organizations on their site, or whose site is primarily designed to make them a profit need to contact this web ring. If your organization does not have a site up yet, please visit one of the many free web site providers (like or, or even

 Most of our sites provide information about adopting and/or caring for pets. A good example of the type of information our sites provide is the website of the Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, Nebraska. Take a look and then decide if you'd like to join the ring.

 If you would like to join, following this link will take you to a form to fill out to Join the Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring. If you've already joined, you can edit your website's information by following this link: Edit my HSAW Ring information.

This is where you submit your site to join the HSAW Ring. The Ringmaster will take a look at your site before you actually join. In the event that you are not asked to join the HSAW Ring, the Ringmaster may suggest another ring for you to join. Please be aware that the sites in this ring are for non-profit agencies. Commercial pet retailers are not allowed. Also, you must have the ring html fragment and graphics up on your page before we can add you to the ring. It is part of the "deal" that your site be ready to instantaneously participate in the ring once you're added.

 Step 1: Fill in the form below as completely and accurately as possible. If you do not have a webpage up yet, please put it up before filling out the form. When ready, submit the form:

Submit site to Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring
Site Title:
Site URL:


Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

Step 2: Now, choose 1 of these two logos to add to your website's homepage to tell people that you are part of the ring. If you are using Windows95, you should be able to place the cursor over the graphic you like best, right-click then choose "Save Picture As" from the menu that pops up (step 2 continues after the logos)
Humane Ring LogoHumane Ring Logo

And don't forget to "grab" this graphic too! Next Site Graphic
If you are using a black background, please use the non-transparent .gif above and this next logo. If you have any problems "grabbing" the graphics, email the Ringmaster and she can attach the graphic to an email message. If you wish to "play with the size" of the graphics, please do but they should appear substantially the same so that ring surfers do not get confused.

 Step 3: Now comes the hard part. You must edit the following HTML fragment and add it to your homepage along with the graphics (the one you've chosen and the one to point the way to the next site). PLEASE change the words "YOUR_SITE_ID#_HERE" to the site identification number that the Webring computer assigns you. If you forget your site id number, email the Ringmaster and she can send it to you. YOU CANNOT be added to the ring unless this site id number appears in the html fragment on your page.

<!--START HERE--!>
<FONT Size=3>
<a href="">
<img src="FILL_IN_LOGO_FILENAME_HERE.gif" align="left"></a>
<a href=""><img src="hrnext2.gif" align="right"></a>
This <a href="">
Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring</a> site is owned by <a href="mailto:YOUR.EMAIL@ADDRESS.HERE"><FONT SIZE="2">
Want to join the <A HREF="">
Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring</A>?</FONT>
<BR><BR><FONT Size=3><B>
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<!--STOP HERE-->

Once you're done, it should look something like this on the page (None of these links work):

  This Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring site is owned by YOUR NAME OR ORGANIZATION HERE.
Want to join the Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring?
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Step 4: AFTER you have placed the HTML Fragment and Images on your page you have to E-Mail the Ringmaster and ask that your organization be added.
Please note that the Ringmaster reserves the right to reject any and all sites that do not meet ring criteria as stated above.

 Step 5: Sit back and wait to be added to the ring! As the Ringmaster, I'd like to ask every organization that gets added to the ring to ask another organization to join. "United we stand" and all that.

 You will receive emails when 1) you've been added to the HSAW queue and 2) when you've been added to the HSAW ring. There won't be any email notification if something is wrong with the form you submit. If you haven't heard anything in a day or two, email Alicia Graybill (a.k.a. the Ringmaster) to see what the problem is.


Please use this form to edit your site information. If you have any problems, contact the Ringmaster .

Site ID: 

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